The Making of a Sculptor
The Life and Works of Mac Hornecker
Mac's unique life in narrative and color images and a retrospective of Mac's works in  65 color images, in chronological order.


    Mac Hornecker - husband, father, brother, teacher, and professional sculptor.  The rolling hills of southwest Missouri, where he grew up, formed his personality and interests.  He saw all those around him as interesting and happy characters with unique personalities, instead of poor, unorganized, and lazy, as many would have seen them.  Many saw the rocky land as poor, but Mac saw it as a landscape canvas, influenced by the glaciers, wind, rain, and the effects of man.  His work was always influenced by the rocks, hills, valleys, rocky bluffs, and streams that he knew and grew up around, from southern Missouri to northwest Iowa.   Most of his work emerges from the earth, with boulders that look as if they are as much below the ground as above, and tied to the earth, or with geometric shapes that suggest the elements of nature such as wind, or that man is part of the equation as a shaper and builder. His work evolved to be more lyrical with curving lines, not reproducing the landscape, but using it as the "essence".

      On many evenings, Mac and his friends and family would sit around telling stories and reminisce and entertain.  Mac, in the 1980's, wrote down many of these stories which were found after his death.  The included MAC STORIES are just as he wrote them down, so he gets credit for a large part of the writing of this book.  Some of these stories are included along with the narrative, and an additional selection can be found at the end of the book.
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